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  • What's included in the Box?
    • WAYV indicator system comes with Harness, Helmet Gear and wireless Controller.
  • Can I buy Harness or helmet separately?
    • Not presently. To get the manufacturing right, we are not able to offer harness and helmet gear separately.
  • Are there any wires between harness and helmet?
    • No, harness and helmet gear operates wirelessly and are independent of each other.
  • Is the WAYV harness adjustable for all sizes?
    • Harness has adjustable waist and shoulder straps. We have tested this with many people on bike and we are happy to say it fitted them well.
  • Is the WAYV helmet gear available for all helmets?
    • WAYV helmet gear connects to the helmet using a connector strap that goes through the helmet vents. So it fits most of the vented helmets.
  • How long the battery lasts?
    • Under test conditions WAYV harness battery lasts for 5 days with the typical usage of 30 minutes per day. WAYV helmet gear battery lasts for a week and wireless controller battery lasts for 2 weeks.
  • Is WAYV system rechargeable?
    • Yes, WAYV harness, helmet gear and wireless controller are USB rechargeable
  • IS WAYV weather proof?
    • Yes, its splash proof. All the electronics are sealed and waterproof.
  • IS WAYV heavy?
    • WAYV harness weighs less than 200 grams, helmet gear weighs less than 150 grams.
  • Does WAYV fit in a bag?
    • Yes, WAYV harness is tough but flexible. It can be stowed in a small bag along with helmet gear. Helmet gear is easily detachable from helmet.
  • What Color are LED lights?
    • The indicator leds are Orange and the backlight ("X") is red. This is borrowing from the automotive lighting and indication system that everybody understands.
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